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ALi Safavi Training ReviewsOver the past decade Ali Safavi has helped over 10,000 investors purchase, negotiate, develop and grow value added assets (real estate) across over 50 domestic and international markets. He has lead cross functional teams in over 50 cities across the United States. Attendees have left over 10,000 positive reviews about both their experiences and Ali Safavi’s real estate guidance. Many have gone on to great success in real estate investing. Here are just a few examples of what people are saying who have attended meetings led by Ali Safavi Real Estate.

“Absolutely loved it and Ali Safavi. Well worth the time spent.” – Sarah, Ottawa, ON

“Ali Safavi was able to make the time interesting, informative and full of applicable tips.” – David, Ottawa, ON

“Ali Safavi is a fantastic mentor and leader.” – Mike Ottawa, ON

“Ali Safavi’s persistence and tenacity pushed me through my discomfort of getting connected to realtors, cash buyers and submitting strategic offers.” – Ron, Ottawa

“It was really amazing how Ali Safavi Real Estate incorporated real world experience from him as a real estate investor in comparison to what the others say in detail. Ali Safavi made it very simple, direct and helped us feel that real estate investing is very doable. And the knowledge I gained from him helped me ease my anxieties and had lessened up my fears.” – Jen, Bakersfield, CA

“Ali Safavi was very engaging and passionate and professional, and his credibility gave me a sense of ease.” – Joy, Bakersfield, CA

“Ali Safavi was remarkably knowledgeable regarding all points highlighted. He really set me at ease because he has been there and done that. Ali is very funny, which helps to make this process very palatable.” – Roxanna, Bakersfield, CA

“This real estate investing meeting was beyond exciting and valuable. Ali Safavi was funny and engaging and kept our interest.” – Chris, Bakersfield, CA

“Awesome time! Now we have the goal of grossing 150K by the end of the year.” – Laura, Chandler, AZ

“He was amazing. Real world; and Ali Safavi was worth double the money.” Jason, Chandler, AZ

“It was way beyond my expectations! Ali Safavi was phenomenal.” Rob, Stockton, CA

“Great! The most informative set of meetings I have ever attended. Would really recommend it to others.” Corbin, Atlanta, GA

“I really enjoyed the step by step plan that was given and the enthusiasm that Ali Safavi maintained throughout the meetings.” Crystal, Fresno, CA

“Ali Safavi was amazing! I really connected with him and his style. He made it very easy to understand and gave us a blue print to follow that will surely lead to success.” Tim, Fresno, CA

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