Has the time come to sell your home or investment property? Great! Now comes the dreaded moment of preparing the property for market. At Ali Safavi Real Estate we know this can be stressful…but it doesn’t have to be! Often sellers go too hard in one direction or the other. They either revamp their entire house at far too high a cost, or barely touch it. You want to invest just enough to stand out, but don’t dig too deep into your pockets. From what we’ve seen at Ali Safavi Real Estate, here are some of the most effective upgrades when trying to sell your home.

Ali Safavi Real Estate Tip #1: Paint

Ali Safavi Real Estate PaintingThis is probably one of the more obvious renovations you can do. Nothing turns off a potential buyer like seeing chipped paint and worn colors throughout the property. A fresh coat of vibrant color can do wonders for a living room, bedroom and even hallway. Don’t forget about the outside of your house either! You only get once chance to make a first impression.


Ali Safavi Real Estate Tip #2: Landscaping

Ali Safavi Real Estate LandscapingSpeaking of first impressions, make sure your landscaping is looking snazzy. Statistics are very clear that houses with an appealing curb side appeal sell faster than ones that don’t. You don’t have to build an entire secret garden. Some simple potted plants, mulch, and flowers can do wonders for front of the house appeal.

Ali Safavi Real Estate Tip #3: Kitchen

Ali Safavi Real Estate KitchenThis one may be trickier than it seems. The kitchen is one of the most important, and often central areas of the house. There is a lot of potential value-added ROI. However, people often have a very specific look in mind when picturing their dream kitchen. So there is a danger in undergoing an entire remodel only to discover it’s a style that many buyers aren’t into. Start with the small stuff: modern appliances, light fixtures, painting, and maybe even a sink upgrade. These elements won’t break the bank, but will be noticed by buyers.

Ali Safavi Real Estate Tip #4: Bathroom

Ali Safavi Bathroom Real EstateSimilar to the kitchen, bathrooms can sometimes make or break a buyers decision. Here there is less danger of remodeling in the wrong way. Try to make each element of your “throne room” attractive. This could mean a new sink, towel bars, upgrading the floor, and adding trendy elements like a frameless shower.



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